Pencils for Kids

Imagine desperately wanting to go to school and not being able to because your family can’t afford to buy you a school uniform, notebooks or even a pencil. That’s the heartbreaking situation for countless children around the globe – which Pencils For Kids, Inc. is working hard to change.

Many of the world’s problems defy simple solutions. This isn’t one of those. Here, each of us can make an immediate and lasting difference in a child’s life. Your support for Pencils For Kids, Inc. will enable children eager and ready for an education to attend school.

Learn how you can support our missions to Bali, Burma and Thailand in 2013

"It is my steadfast belief that every child deserves an education, and every child’s future begins with a pencil."
- Retta Jitner
  Founder & President, Pencils For Kids, Inc.